Power Solutions is a distributor of AC and DC motors. We only source our electric motors from reputable, leading manufacturers to ensure that we deliver the best available quality and performance to our customers.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff along with our broad product selection, provides you access to a large inventory of electric motors to ensure that you can find the proper equipment for your application.  Our goal is to provide you with the best value over the lifetime of your electric motor.

Power Solutions Electric Motor Sales & Service Logo

Dealer Partnerships and Warranties

  • WEG Authorized Warranty & Dealer
  • Baldor Authorized Warranty & Dealer


Electric Motors Offered

  • Single-phase electric motors
  • 3 phase electric motors
  • Electric brake motors (AC & DC)
  • Variable speed drives
  • Air compressor electric motors
  • Mounting adaption and solutions for electric motors


Associated Products and Spare Parts

  • Capacitors – both Start and Run (sold as singles or multiples)
  • Pulleys, Couplings, and Drive belts
  • Start Switches
  • Rotary water pump seals