Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Services

Preventative maintenance will help your investment give you worry free piece of mind for years to come. Power Solutions offers an extensive all-inclusive preventative maintenance plan performed by our factory trained technicians to ensure your investment is protected and ready when you need it.


Annual and Multi-Year Service Contracts

We offer annual service contracts or take advantage of the savings offered through a multi-year service contract.


Bi-annual Services

At Power Solutions we don’t just service your generator once a year like our competition. We go the extra mile.

Our service plans include a second visit to perform our checklist again to make sure your generator is ready when you need it.

Going the extra mile means our technicians catch more potential problems and solve them before they become a problem when you need your generator most.


Generator Monitoring

Power Solutions offers several options for remotely monitoring your generator. Our remote monitoring systems give you complete knowledge of your generator’s status at all times. Be notified by text or email of when your generator exercises, it’s current state, and any alarms or faults immediately.

Our remote monitoring system also keeps records for you of all of your generator testing as well as faults and alarms corrected. Never wonder if your generator is ready for an upcoming storm again.