We have met the service and electrical construction needs of homeowners throughout Northwest Iowa for over 10 years. At Power Solutions, Inc., our mission is to ensure the safety and well-being of your family by delivering top-quality electrical solutions. We understand the significance of a well-maintained home and are committed to providing services that keep your household safe and secure.

From electrical installations and repairs to routine maintenance, our licensed electricians are here to assist you every step of the way. Moreover, we believe in the importance of embracing the latest technologies, and our team is well-equipped to handle home improvements that bring your residence up-to-date with cutting-edge advancements. Let Power Solutions be your go-to partner in enhancing the comfort, safety, and efficiency of your home with our reliable residential electrical services.

Just some of the residential services we provide are listed below. From light fixture installations to electrical wiring for home additions, we do it all!

  • Breaker Testing
  • Holiday Lighting
  • Code Corrections
  • Dedicated Circuits
  • Diagnostic & Electrical Troubleshooting
  • Dimmers & Remote Switching
  • Electrical Inspection
  • Electrical Service Upgrades & Repairs
  • Exhaust Fan Installation
  • Grounding & Bonding
  • Home Appliance Circuits & Receptacles
  • Home Electrical Systems
  • Hot Tub Wiring
  • HVAC Wiring
  • Install/Replace Light Fixtures, Chandeliers and Ceiling Fans
  • Installation of Additional Electrical, Cable & Telephone Outlets
  • Installation of Emergency Generators
  • Landscape Lighting
  • LED Light Fixtures
  • Low-Voltage Wiring
  • Mobile Home Electrical Service Poles
  • Panel Labeling
  • Panel Upgrades, Repairs & Replacement
  • Receptacles/Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)/Switches
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Remodeling Electrical
  • Security Light Fixture Installation
  • Surge Protection
  • Whole-House Rewiring
  • Electrical Services of all types


We here at Power Solutions identify the fact that – throughout the past several decades – the agricultural industry has grown to be highly complex.

The agricultural operations performed on your farm cannot occur without electricity and its associated systems. These uniquely designed systems must be appropriate for the machinery and other electric-based components that are part of your farm.

Everything from the grain systems for your crops, the automatic feeders that are designed to provide nutrients to your livestock, and the lighting systems that allow you to observe your farm in action must be operating properly and efficiently as possible to ensure the productivity of your business.

Electricity does not just power all the machines and systems of your farm – it also powers productivity.

The advancements of farming technologies and other components that aid in the production of the industry such as grain bins, water pumps, storage facilities, grain dryer systems, and feeding systems are no longer dependent upon manual labor, but upon electricity and electrical-based equipment.

You cannot trust just anyone to handle these critical components to your agricultural business. You must enlist an electrical contractor who has the training, skills, and expertise to install, maintain, and repair these systems.

We here at Power Solutions offer all of that, and more!

  • Grain Drying Systems
  • Grain Bins
  • Grain Transfer Systems
  • Hog Barns
  • Feed Delivering Systems
  • All Types of Livestock Buildings
  • Scale Houses
  • Generator Installations
  • Phase Converter Systems
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Service Upgrades


With years of experience serving commercial clients, we take pride in delivering top-notch solutions to keep your operations running smoothly. We understand the criticality of uninterrupted power supply to essential machinery and equipment, and our expert team is dedicated to preventing downtime and ensuring your business stays productive. Whether it’s electrical installations, repairs, maintenance, or safety compliance, we have you covered. At Power Solutions, we are committed to providing reliable and efficient commercial electrical services to meet the unique demands of your business.

  • Commercial Electrical Construction, Maintenance & Service
  • Plant Maintenance, Electrical & Mechanical
  • Office & Retail Buildings
  • LED Light Fixtures
  • Breaker Testing
  • Code Corrections
  • Computer & Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Dedicated Circuits
  • Diagnostic & Electrical Troubleshooting
  • Electrical Service Upgrades & Repairs
  • Emergency Exit Lighting
  • Equipment Installation
  • Fluorescent Lamp & Ballast Replacement
  • Fuse Replacement
  • Generator Installation
  • High-Bay Lighting Installations & Bulb Replacements
  • Infrared Heat Testing
  • Installation of Additional Electrical, Cable, & Telephone Outlets
  • Installing & Repairing Receptacles
  • Installing & Repairing Switches
  • Motion Sensors & Energy Efficient Controls
  • Panel Labeling
  • Panel Upgrades, Repairs & Replacement
  • Parking Lot Light Installation & Maintenance
  • PLC Controls
  • Remodeling & Retrofits
  • Server Room Wiring
  • Sports Lighting Systems
  • Telephone Cabling
  • UPS Installation & Maintenance
  • UPS Power Distribution System Installation
  • Electrical Services of all types